Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chain's Is Layne's

I hate new Alice In Chains. It will never be the same as it once was, people should realize that Layne Staley is (and will always be through legend) irreplaceable to duplicate vocally. Every year on Layne Thomas Staley's birthday(August 22), there is an annual tribute and benefit concert held in Seattle. All proceeds go towards the Layne Staley Fund, founded in 2002, the year of Layne's death. No matter what AIC does to the new scene and image, Layne will be remembered. I hate the way that William DuVall sings the old songs like he wrote them and inspired them vocally.. WHICH HE DIDN'T. He doesn't have a bad voice, he just doesn't have a good one.. and he's not Layne, and it's not a tribute band. They want to have a new sound similar to the old one.. which sucks, people can't expect AIC to be the same band.

"Seeking to turn the tragedy of Layne's death into hope for those that suffer, Layne Staley Fund uses donated funds, and proceeds from the sale of merchandise and tribute revenues, to support local chemical-dependency facilities, drug education, and outreach programs. We work with fans and musicians to raise funds for community heroin recovery programs."